On March 24, 2018 over 700 guests came out to Seth Schafer and Curtis Blank’s going away party hosted at the Engineer’s Club in Charm City. "This mascarade ball was one for the books," accordingly to Chris Schaefer, who hosted the event with the intention of sending his son (and business partner) off in high style as he heads to California on April 1st. The entire Team at Christopher Schafer Clothier wish him well, and are excited to continue to watch this brand grow. Seth wanted to say a few parting words to Baltimore, and we are happy to have him share them here in HUES.



Dear Baltimore,

As I prepare to leave my hometown, a rush of emotions and memories take over. The people that occupy this eclectic and quirky city are the most genuine people I have ever met. I’m grateful for the elders that showed me the ropes with no expectations of anything in return. They helped me just because to them “it was the right thing to do.” Adopting the same mindset was incumbent for the success I have found in Baltimore. I have been fortunate enough to be able to return the favor to others in this beautiful city.

I’m overjoyed to take this positive and helpful mindset to California. To me this place is a cultural work of art that I have yet to discover anywhere else. For that, I relish in the opportunity for someone to ask “where are you from?”.

I hope that you will continue to support my growth in Los Angeles and the CSC brand as it expands to the West Coast. If you have any friends out there I would love to meet them!

Au Revoir,

Seth Schafer . Vice President
Christopher Schafer Clothier